Homosexual Guidance Counselor Sues Indiana Catholic High School

A homosexual guidance counselor who is in a same-sex “marriage” is suing a Catholic high school in Indiana. Lynn Starkey was put on administrative leave when staff at Roncalli High School learned that she is in a same-sex “marriage.” So far, her suit involves only a discrimination charge with the EEOC.

Lynn Starkey filed a discrimination charge Friday with the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission against Roncalli High School.

The Associated Press

Starkey is the second guidance counselor placed on administrative leave for the same reason. 

Catholic schools are required to hire staff members who believe and practice the teachings of the Catholic Church. Faithful Catholic parents expect this of Catholic schools, but some parents are either confused about this issue or are sincerely and flatly on the wrong side of the issue. Thankfully, the archbishop is standing his ground for the sake of those parents and students who expect fidelity.

Indianapolis Archbishop Charles Thompson has said teachers and guidance counselors are ministers of the faith who must lead by word and example and whose obligations are clearly spelled out in contracts.

The Associated Press

Roncalli High School has a First Amendment freedom to hire only staff who believe and practice the Catholic Faith.

[Attorney] Jim Bopp said there is nothing in Indiana law that specifically prohibits discrimination on the basis of sexual orientation but such language does exist in an Indianapolis ordinance.

“So then the question would be, does Roncalli have a defense against that ordinance being enforced to prohibit them from terminating an employee because they’re in a same-sex marriage,” he said. “And the answer is, without a doubt, there is a defense, and that is the First Amendment of the Constitution.”

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Thank God for the First Amendment.