Zubik and Wuerl Named as Defendants in 12 New Lawsuits

Bishop David Zubik and Donald Cardinal Wuerl have been named as defendants in 12 new lawsuits filed against the Diocese of Pittsburgh. Child sexual abuse and the diocesan cover-up of the abuse are the reasons for the lawsuits.

This comes on the heels of a decision by the Vatican to call on U.S. bishops to delay any action addressing the sexual abuse of minors and others. Columnist Daniel Burns rightly points out:

The American abuse crisis will be addressed only when the concrete administration of American dioceses is put into the hands of leaders more responsive to the demands of rank-and-file American Catholics. But these days Rome seems more open to power-sharing with the Chinese Communist Party than with its own bishops. The party may soon be granted a role in the selection of the Chinese hierarchy, but when American bishops wish to formalize preliminary measures against abuse in their own dioceses, Rome suddenly sees a threat to its apparently fragile authority.

Daniel Burns

Indeed, the Vatican appears to be sending mixed messages. Who is more trustworthy? The U.S. bishops or the Communist Chinese government?