Bevin Candidacy in Kentucky Will Pit Teachers’ Union Against Pro-Lifers

It is hard to know which is more strong: Kentucky Governor Matt Bevin’s harsh rhetoric versus the teachers’ union in the commonwealth or his advocacy for the unborn child in the womb. Kentucky voters who support both the teachers’ union and the right to life of the unborn child may have a tough time deciding whether or not to vote for Matt Bevin. Bevin has stated that he will seek a second term.

Kentucky Governor Matt Bevin

Teachers will have their work cut out for them as they will have to convince voters in heavily pro-life Kentucky to neglect the unborn child, at least in this election cycle. This will be much more difficult than usual because the debate in Kentucky is not whether to ban abortion but whether or not it is okay to rip the limbs off of a live unborn baby in order to perform an abortion.

[Kentucky’s new] law, signed by pro-life Gov. Matt Bevin in April, bans abortions “that will result in the bodily dismemberment, crushing or human vivisection of the unborn child” while he or she is still alive.

In the D & E abortion procedure, which the law bans, a baby’s arms and legs are ripped off using forceps. The baby bleeds to death and is then evacuated through a suction tube.

What level of human being would defend this procedure? That is what teachers and their supporters in Kentucky will have to decide when Bevin runs for re-election. The Democratic Party will most assuredly field a candidate who is pro-“choice” and who sides with the ACLU in support of this procedure. When it comes down to it, Democrats always side with the abortionists in Kentucky.

So, what is worse? A governor who uses harsh rhetoric in regard to the teachers’ union and who threatens to devastate teacher pensions? Or the ripping off of a baby’s arms and legs in order to kill it? This is really in dispute but is it really a question that one has trouble in answering?

It may come down to teachers in the Commonwealth of Kentucky deciding which is worse. While candidates backed by the teachers’ union fared poorly in the mid-term elections, backlash against Bevin specifically, who has said some horrible things impacting Kentucky’s teachers, promises to be stronger than backlash against the legislature.

Let’s hope sanity prevails, for the sake of us all.