ACLJ: As Leaders Focus on Coronavirus, Abortion Has Become the Leading Cause of Death, Accounting for Nearly 42% of Deaths Worldwide

AMERICAN CENTER FOR LAW AND JUSTICE — According to a new report, abortion is now the world’s leading cause of death, accounting for nearly 42% of all deaths worldwide. Let that sink in for a moment. That’s almost HALF. More than cancer. More than heart disease. More than any criminal violence.

In 2020, our entire country, and indeed the world, was forced to shut down to stop the spread of the COVID-19 virus. Classrooms were closed, creating additional burdens on working families which the ACLJ – not the government – has been working tirelessly for months to help ease as part of our School Choice Initiative.

Small businesses and restaurants were forced to close, in some cases forever. Travel was restricted. And were all urged to wear face coverings, continually wash and sanitize our hands, and stay away from each other as much as possible. And countless out-of-work families have been left struggling to pay bills and keep roofs over their heads.

All of this resulting from precautions put in place by the government to fight a worldwide pandemic which has reportedly taken just over 1.9 million lives worldwide.

And we don’t say that lightly or to try to downplay that haunting number. The loss of life is horrific and even one death would have been too many. We at the ACLJ have even made changes to our daily routines and office policies in order to ward off the spread.

Of course we agree that we must all do our part to protect the most vulnerable and defenseless. But what group is more vulnerable, more defenseless, and more unheard, than unborn babies still in their mothers’ wombs?

So how is it that an astounding 42.6 MILLION BABIES WERE ABORTED – KILLED – IN 2020, according to the latest report (which notes that all other deaths combined totaled about 59 million last year), and yetnot a single mandate was announced or abortion business forced to close?


PHOTO CREDIT: madamepsychosis — cause of death: drowned in her sorrows