Will Trump’s legacy be Reagan’s

SECURE FREEDOM — Ronald Reagan wanted to bankrupt a Communist enemy seeking our destruction. He told our allies they could help the Soviet Union build a Siberian gas pipeline or they could do business with us. U.S. government lawyers said he couldn’t use the International Economic Emergency Powers Act – known as IEPPA – “extraterritorially.” He ignored them. The rest is history: the USSR is no more.

Now, government lawyers are telling Donald Trump he can’t use IEEPA to prevent federal retirement funds from enabling the Chinese Communists’ ambitions to destroy us. Yesterday, Mr. Trump acknowledged they’re also trying to terminate his presidency.

Trump China advisor Michael Pillsbury says the Chinese are “laughing at us,” contemptuous that we’re so corrupt, we’ll actually reward them for their pandemic. If President heeds the lawyers, the Communists will, indeed, laugh – all the way to the bank named BlackRock or Goldman Sachs.

This is Frank Gaffney.